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Transformation: Dark Brown to Dimensional Blonde!

This guest of mine is seriously awesome! Since the first time she had visited me, she was always open and willing to try new things. We first had her with long hair and short to long layers, showing off her beautiful hair. Now! She has a textured, yet blunt bob!

Recently, she came in with a few hair inspiration pictures... one, a red balayage and two, a rooty blonde balayage/ombre. She loved both, but obviously had to chose one. I could tell she was leaning more towards the blonde look and thats what we did!! Here are a few before and after pictures of her awesome new hair!!

>> PS. This transformation was done in one session and around 3.5 hours. She had mostly natural hair, and even though it was significantly darker than the after, blonde color, I did not have to break through much professional haircolor besides toners I had applied to her hair on previous services.

As I say to every guest who sits in my chair wanting a big change like this... I always shoot for the exact color you want, but if it involves any damagae to the hair I will not go past any hair color level that your hair will allow. I love giving people what they want and creating transformations, but it is never worth damaging your hair in the process. This happened to take, as I said, one session, so the next time she visits me we can tweek the color in any way she desires: a different hue, more root and so on. For some people, depending on hair color, texture and previous services, it may take a few services to achieve the exact color you want.


The last time this guest had visited me we had done a nice and natrual copper balayage (shown below).


This picture shows the overall color of her new blonde!

This second picture shows her balayaged, rooty blonde color! She plays with her part a bit so having a blended color for her was key!

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