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How To: Braided Updo!

There are so many ways to use different kinds of braids for casual or special occasion 'dos! If my hair isn't cooperating in the morning and I have minimal amount of time, I always lean towards a braided look. Here is a step by step (picture) tutorial on how I created this awesome braided updo!

Step One:

French braid + Dutch braid combination in the front hair line finished off with a free braid to the end. I left out an inch of hair over the ear to create a more natural look. When using braids in the front hair line, it can look too severe with all the hair pulled back into the braid.

Step Two: After securing the elastic on the end of the braid, I pulled it down for extra room at the end of the braid. I then pulled the braid apart starting at the bottom, then working my way up, and back down again. You can make it as loose and/or textured as you want!

Step Three: I created another free falling braid with the rest of the hair that was left out. I took the first braid and pulled it through the back right side, and left it hanging.

Step Four: I pinned up the second braid, leaving the end of it to the left of the hair. Now, you will see the udo coming together, with two braids hanging on either side.

To finish off this look, I brought both braids up and over the secured bun. I also pulled the bun apart a a bit to make it larger.

A second way to go about this updo is to remove the elastics from the braids and curl the hair, for a more textured updo... or make those braids into fishtails to add a second type of brain to the look!

Making an updo your own is the best part! No one has the same hair length or texture, so do what works best for you and your style!

Finished look!

I hope you try this look at home! Enjoy :)


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